Optic Nerve Crush Model

We provide the ability to track disease progression after induction of disease by utilizing optical coherence tomography (OCT), measuring full retinal thickness, the retinal ganglion cell (RGC) layer and nerve fiber layer (RNFL) in real time.

In conjunction with OCT we use electroretinography (ERG) to test retinal functionality. Upon the conclusion of the study, we use histopathology to assess the condition of the retinal ganglion cells and potential protection from your product to RGC and RNFL.

Optical Coherence Tomography

High quality retinal scanning using the Lecia® SD-OCT allows for accurate retinal thickness measurements of distinct retinal layers.


Our lab uses a proprietary ERG system in collaboration with Cornell University to produce the most accurate ERGs.

Microinfusion Injection Delivery

Confirmation fundus images of each injection procedure that ensures proper delivery of treatment.

Histology Services

State-of-the-art histology lab keeps your study in-house.

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