Science is hard. Laboratory operations should not be. Whether you are considering a new build or just want to maximize the potential of your existing space, we offer a range of laboratory management services to keep your team operating at peak efficiency.

Our laboratory management consultants have built out offices, wet labs, and vivariums from the ground up. We have created de novo processes for organizing teams and data. Let our experience work for you.

Site Audits

Obtain a gap analysis for your laboratory or site benchmarked against our best practices for an optimized laboratory environment.

Asset Procurement

Learn tips and strategies for procuring laboratory assets for your facility -- often for pennies on the dollar.

Workflow Management

Optimize your R&D workflows with a systematic review of all areas from laboratory layout to transportation waste.


Receive training on best-in-class tools for scheduling and managing your team in diverse research environments.

Quality Control

Establish quality control systems and practices, even within a non-GLP environment to ensure workflow robustness.


Are you a start-up on a budget? We literally wrote the peer-reviewed publication on how to build a lab in a living room.

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