High Content Screening (HCS)

By leveraging automated microscopy, fluorescent detection, and multiparameter algorithms, high content screening enables the visual and quantifiable data of therapeutics in cell population.


Our high content screening services will help to optimize early drug discovery, through incorporating cell painting techniques and cell-based assays that are relevant to the disease of interest, acquire efficient evaluation and selection of compounds of therapeutic potential with our services.

What is HCS?

High Content Imaging (HCI)

Applications of High Content Screening (HCS)

Cell Types in HCS

HCS with Ichor Life Sciences


Assay Development with High Content Screening

Related services

Flow Cytometry

Enhancing the capacity for comprehensive and high-throughput cellular analysis, our flow cytometry services works alongside HCS in driving advancements in drug discovery and disease modelling.

Plate-Based Assays

We have the capability to conduct a variety of quantitative plate-based assays, including ELISAs and various fluorescence experiments (e.g. FRET & anisotropy). These assays are vital in high content screening for analysis of multiple samples, drug discovery, and target validation.

Cell-based assays

Our state-of-the-art equipment that includes systems capable of providing real-time quantitative live cell imaging, and analysis, can be leveraged alongside high throughput screening that is supported by plate hoppers and liquid handling robots.

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