High Throughput Cell Screening

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Figure 2 Red-Blue Cells

Use our specialized screening cascades and cell based assays to quickly translate your product from in-vitro to in-vivo.

Cytotoxicity Assay Services

Ichor's cytotoxicity assays have been optimized for a suite of cell lines across a variety of disease indications. 

High Throughput Cell Screening Services

Analyze your cell based assays with our state-of-the art imaging core. Our expert staff can utilize IncuCyte S3, Operetta CLS, and Leica DMi8 imaging systems to process your cell based assay an infinite number of ways.

3D Cell Culture Services

Ichor's optimized 3D cell assays allow for robust measurements of spheroids across a diverse set of cell lines. We are capable of novel organoid generation, or screening molecules for cytotoxicity and growth inhibition in our established spheroid models

Stable Cell Line Generation Services

We have the capabilities to conduct stable cell line development through several different means including viral transduction and chemo-resistance.

Cell Migration Assay Services

Real-time automated imaging of kinetic cell migration, invasion assays, and other cell motility read-outs.

Technical Capabilities

High-throughput confocal microscopy with quantitative read-outs and corresponding high-resolution images. Instruments have capabilities for bright field and multicolor immunofluorescence imaging to handle your experimental needs. Data is processed by a team of experts capable of creating novel or custom analyses to probe for unique and novel targets.

Ichor’s team has extensive experience optimizing protocols for spheroid generation. The dimensions of the spheroids are robustly characterized with our high-content imaging cytometers, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency. The meticulously characterized spheroids allow for a high degree of experimental reliability in our in-vitro and in-vivo assays.

  • Immunoprecipitation (single targets and protein complexes)
  • Western Blotting
  • rt-qPCR
  • Enzyme Kinetic Assays
  • Cell Painting and High Content Imaging
  • Organelle labeling and subcellular localization
  • Cellular uptake and half-life of biologics
  • High-throughput cell migration assays
  • Custom high-throughput cytotoxicity screening
  • Target validation studies
  • Assay design and optimization
  • Senescence induction in dozens of cell lines
  • Foam cell lipid accumulation (Macrophage atherosclerosis model)
  • Hematopoietic cell differentiation and colony forming unit assay

Ichor offers a variety of standard cell assays. Our assays can be assessed colorimetrically, fluorescently, or via luminescence to accommodate a wide variety of cell and reagent types.

  • Apoptosis assays (Cleaved Caspase 3 & Annexin V Staining)
  • Proliferation Assays (automated cell counter, Ki-67. EdU)
  • Viability Assays (MTT, trypan blue, and others)
  • Phenotypic Cell Assays (Confluency, morphology, fragmentation)

Have Confidence In Your Data

IncuCyte Live Cell Fluorescence

ESSA Nuclear Uptake incucyte

Western Blot Densitometry


Confocal Microscopy



0.3 nM



0.1 nM

Figure 1 web page Backsplash

1 nM


When confirming molecular mechanisms, it’s important to verify the findings through multiple techniques. The above data set represents a standard package we provide customers. In this example we are assessing the nuclear localization of an oncology target, as a function of drug concentration.

Through western blot densitometry, quantitative imaging cytometry, and confocal microscopy, we show three identical trends between the three different techniques. Our goal is to help you achieve compelling data sets that move the needle forward on your research.

Custom Assay Examples

Glioblastoma Spheroid Screening

Examine your molecule in one of our established in-vitro 3D tumor models. Our high-throughput imaging cytometers can screen hundreds of conditions simultaneously in comparison to current standards of care.

We can generate spheroids of precise dimensions, and have our surgical team implant them into our catalog of in-vivo models.

Spheroid Kinetic Curve

organoid figure

Optimized Cellular Targeting of Biologics

Our high throughput cell penetrating peptide (CPP) screens are designed to optimize cellular selectivity and organelle tropism based on target cell membrane physicochemistry and intracellular trafficking machinery.

Screen Heatmap and Hit Detection

cellular targetting of biologics

Let us help you with your scientific problems

If our listed services don’t match your experimental needs, we’d be happy to explore designing novel assays to accommodate your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ichor has a wide variety of standard and specialized cell assay services. However, our specialty is generating custom assays and approaching scientific problems with “out-of-the-box” thinking. Customers frequently approach us because they could not find service providers willing to customize assay parameters.

All raw data and images will be shared through your preferred electronic medium. We will also send presentations containing annotated data and experimental procedures.

Experimental timelines can vary depending on the design. We can typically turn around data packages in 2-3 weeks from the time of receiving reagents.

If you are unsure which cell based assay to choose, one of our experts will be happy to discuss logical and cost effective options to best answer your scientific questions.