Acute Toxicology and Dose Finding Studies

Need help characterizing the toxicity of your test article and determining the appropriate dose? We can investigate adverse effects and provide important information such as the LD50 and therapeutic index of your test article.

Subchronic/Chronic Toxicology Studies

We have a team of experts devoted to exploring the long-term effects and providing you with comprehensive data to inform important decisions about the safety of your test article.

Supporting Services

We offer many services to aid in your investigation including gross examination, complete blood counts, clinical chemistries, behavior tests, tissue histopathology, and many more.

Ocular Toxicology


Interested in ocular toxicity? We have large animal capabilities and a dedicated ophthalmic team that offers tonometry (IOP) evaluation, electroretinography (ERG), enhanced microscopic evaluation, ocular histopathology, ocular and systemic tissue distribution, and more!

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