Tailored Protein X-Ray Crystallography Services

Forming the basis of our structural biology services, x-ray crystallography is a fundamental technique that is a primary method used in determining the 3D atomic structure of proteins, revealing the precise arrangement of atoms within protein molecules. We offer advanced protein x-ray crystallography capabilities that will provide you with support for:

Protein Structure Determination: With x-ray crystallography services, you can determine the spatial arrangement of atoms within critical compounds of interest.

Drug Development: This technique can provide visualization of how potential drug candidates interact with their target models, informing strategic drug design to enhance binding and selectivity of compounds. Our protein x-ray crystallography solutions will help streamline lead identification and facilitate molecular optimization, expediting your journey from discovery to effective treatments.

Enzyme Mechanisms: Through stabilizing enzymes in crystalline matrices, this technique allows observation of the enzymatic processes that will highlight the catalytic mechanism and reaction pathways that underpin cellular functions, aiding in drug design.

Membrane Proteins: By decoding the structures of membrane proteins, you can navigate membrane biology and understand their functions in cellular communication and transportation with the support of our protein x-ray crystallography services.

Protein-Ligand Interactions: Explore the binding interactions between proteins and ligands to guide the development of targeted therapies within research.

Structural Basis of Disease: Establish novel therapeutic strategies with our x-ray crystallography services through discovering the structural foundations of diseases and molecular origins of disorders.

Protein Engineering: Precisely engineer proteins by tailoring their properties for industrial, therapeutic, or research applications by leveraging the structural insights gained through our protein x-ray crystallography services to your advantage.

Learn how our x-ray crystallography services solve molecular structures.


Learn how our x-ray crystallography services solve molecular structures.

Crystallography offers unmatched precision in mapping the locations of each atom within a protein, a critical step in creating drugs designed to alter protein function effectively. Our services are customized to meet our client's unique requirements, backed by our team's expertise in structural biology.

Why use our Protein X-Ray Crystallography Services?

With years of dedication to advancing structural biology and supporting research, we are prepared to offer advanced crystallography services as your trusted partner, providing you with the expertise and knowledge required to push your discoveries forward.

Tailored Solutions: By personalizing our services for protein x-ray crystallography, we will provide you with customized solutions to your research questions. Whether you are analyzing protein structures, investigating protein-ligand complexes, or exploring biomolecular assembly dynamics, we collaboratively design an experimental approach tailored to your needs.

Rapid Turnaround: We utilize state-of-the-art x-ray crystallography facilities which will streamline workflows, and provide efficient data processing pipelines to ensure rapid turnaround time for your projects.

Precision and Quality: Our protein x-ray crystallography expertise is centered around delivering precision and quality. With a dedicated team that upholds the highest standards in experimental design, data collection, and analysis, from crystallization to structure refinement, we ensure the accuracy and reliability of the structural information we deliver.

Specialized Expertise: With years of experience in solving intricate protein structures, our highly specialized scientists in the field of X-Ray crystallography ensure the accuracy and reliability of the structural information we provide.

Advanced Facilities: We are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that our x-ray crystallography support enables us to optimize your workflow and offer efficient data processing pipelines. In turn, this guarantees rapid turnaround times for your projects.

The X-Ray Crystallography Process

X-ray crystallography is a versatile technique that allows you to visualize the atomic and molecular nature of proteins with precision. By leveraging our protein x-ray crystallography capabilities, you will enhance drug design, drug development and the understanding of fundamental biological processes. This process includes:

  1. Crystallization
  2. Data Collection
  3. Diffraction Pattern Analysis
  4. Fourier Transformation
  5. Model Building
  6. Refinement
  7. Validation
  8. Structure Analysis
Crystallography Figure

Shaping Drug Design with our Protein X-Ray Crystallography Services

Protein crystallography and structure determination synergize to drive drug design forward, our services can aid in pharmaceutical research, delivering a wide range of contributions that greatly improve the drug development process.

Target Identification: Identification and validation of potential drug targets is foundational to the drug discovery process, in which protein crystallography plays a critical role. Our scientists excel in unravelling the structures of key proteins and discovering their functions by understanding the 3D atomic structure of a target protein. Our protein x-ray crystallography support will assist researchers in identifying binding sites, potential allosteric sites, and vital functional regions.

Rational Drug Design: Our protein x-ray crystallography support will enable researchers to strategically develop pharmaceuticals. By leveraging precise protein structures obtained through this method, you can design drugs targeted at specific proteins. This approach minimizes trial-and-error, resulting in potent and specific drugs, accelerating drug development.

Lead Optimization: The essential process of refining and improving potential drugs, structural insights into the interaction between lead compounds and target proteins, protein crystallography enables us to tailor and fine-tune drug candidates for optimal binding affinity, selectivity, and efficacy. This visualization of atomic-level interactions accelerates the development of safer and more effective pharmaceuticals.

From Crystals to Structures with our Protein X-Ray Crystallography Services

Crystal Preparation and Data Collection

An essential initial step in our x-ray crystallography services is the crystallization process, this process transforms biomolecules into arrays suitable for analysis, and the use of crystallization techniques are employed to guarantee the formation of ordered crystals. These crystals serve as a canvas for capturing intricate molecular details, optimizing the quality of the diffraction patterns obtained.

Transforming Diffraction Patterns

Accurately determining molecular structures from diffraction patterns is at the core of our protein x-ray crystallography support, by applying advanced computational techniques, we can decode diffraction data to uncover the spatial distribution of electrons within crystal lattice. With the aid of leading algorithms, we will help decipher intricate patterns and construct comprehensive three-dimensional models of molecular architecture.

Additional Services:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

We employ NMR techniques that help unravel the intricate structural and dynamic characteristics of biomolecules such as protein, nucleic acids, and small compounds.

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)

We provide specialized capabilities in ITC alongside our protein x-ray crystallography services. This includes assessing binding thermodynamics, analyzing protein-ligand interactions, determining affinity, and evaluating thermodynamic parameters, while taking into account the complexities of molecular recognition.

Protein Expression & Purification

Access efficient protein production and purification for analyzing protein structures, ensuring the highest quality samples for your x-ray crystallography studies, with our Protein Expression and Purification services.

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Receive real-time, label-free, and precise measurements of binding kinetics and affinity as part of our extended x-ray crystallography support. Our SPR expertise ensure precise analysis of protein, peptide, nucleic acid, small molecule, and biomolecule interactions.

Obtain three-dimensional molecular structures and advance drug discovery.

Our tailored Protein X-Ray Crystallography Services will bolster your research.