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Our SPR services include high throughput fragment and small molecule screening (HTS). It also includes hit validation, clean screens, binding level screens, and titrations with full kinetics and affinity characterization.

SPR Intro

Biacore 8K & 8K

Learn more about SPR and the Biacore 8K/8K+ Platform:

Key SPR Applications

From Cytiva, the manufacturer of the Biacore SPR systems. Contains links to useful white papers, application notes, articles, courses, and presentations.

Biacore Assay Handbook

In depth information on designing, running, and troubleshooting various SPR assays.

Biacore Sensor Surface Handbook

An overview of various SPR sensor chip surface chemistries and conjugation strategies.

Fragment Screening via SPR

“From Experimental Design to Validated Hits: A Comprehensive Walk-Through of Fragment Lead Identification Using Surface Plasmon Resonance”.

SPR Sensorgram Evaluation

A primer on SPR sensorgram evaluation.


BLS Plot_Compound ID image
Titration Sensorgram image
Dose-Response Titration image

SPR is the state of the art biophysical technique for characterizing biomolecular interactions. Our SPR services cover it all:

High-throughput clean screens & binding level screens

Kinetic assays & titrations, single cycle (SCK), multicycle (MCK), parallel, and 2D

Affinity assays & titrations: small molecule affinity determinations

Thermodynamic studies, tease apart the thermodynamic parameters of your interaction

Epitope binning, characterize and sort a library of monoclonal antibodies against a target protein

Concentration & potency analysis: batch analysis of antibodies

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