Drug Discovery & Development Services

Central to drug development, our drug discovery services facilitate the identification of potential therapeutic compounds through targeted scientific approaches. Working in tandem with our lead discovery and drug development services, all stages of the drug development process are covered, from research and target identification, to clinical trials and market launch.


With our scientists’ interdisciplinary expertise and capabilities in assay development, screening, target identification, lead optimization, and the preclinical studies process of drug development, you can trust that our drug discovery and development services will help drive your research forward.

Integrated Drug Discovery and Development Services

Hit-to-Lead Services

Bridge the gap between initial hit identification, and the optimization of potent, selective lead compounds, with our Hit-to-Lead discovery services. Our services will accelerate drug development by transforming hits into viable leads for preclinical and clinical trials.

Lead Optimization Services

Our lead optimization services, a core aspect of our drug discovery capabilities, streamlines the refinement of potential drug candidates, enhancing properties such as potency, selectivity, and safety. Achieve efficient drug development through the use of SAR analysis, PK PD, toxicity studies, and biological evaluations.

Antibody Discovery Services

With our antibody discovery services you will be provided advanced drug discovery support that covers library generation, immunization, lead selection, optimization, and preclinical validation. Our capabilities for monoclonal antibody production through hybridoma technology will be tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

High Content Screening

Employ automated microscopy, and multiparameter algorithms, for efficient evaluation of therapeutics in cell populations with our high content screening (HCS) services. By incorporating advanced imaging and cell-based assays, our services will accelerate drug discovery, covering applications in phenotypic screening, toxicity assessment, and disease modelling.

Biochemical Assay Development

Offering customized, validated, and optimized assays tailored to your specific research needs, our biochemical assay development provides integral drug discovery services. Specializing in enzyme, receptor binding, and cell-based assays, we provide precise solutions for enzyme kinetics, protein interactions, and drug discovery applications.

Early Drug Discovery Services

Protein Expression & Purification Services

Advance the drug discovery process with our protein expression and purification services. We have the capabilities for conducting gene synthesis, cloning, expression optimization, and scale-up production.

Biophysical Assays

Our capabilities in assay development, target validation, and screening support can advance your program. We are able to conduct Surface Plasmon Resonance, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, Bio-Layer Interferometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and Plate-Based Assays, through our lead discovery services.

Structural Biology Services

Our curated set of analytical tools and range of drug discovery services in crystallography, cryogenic electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry will solve problems in protein design and early drug discovery.

Lead Drug Discovery Techniques and Services:

Preclinical Drug Development Services

PK/PD Services

We provide ELISs for biologics, spectral flow cytometry for cell based therapies and mass spectrometry for small molecule. Efficiently evaluate pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic at all phases of development with our comprehensive drug development services.

Toxicology Studies

We offer a variety of toxicology studies and services that will assist in drug development, with a focus on in vivo toxicity testing, small molecules, biologics, and cell-therapy programs.

In Vivo Disease Models

By maximizing the insights gained through our in vivo work and in vivo model development expertise, you can accelerate your research. Our expertise covers Oncology and Immuno-Oncology models, Ophthalmology models, NASH models, and customized solutions.

Histology Services

Transform your specimens into high-resolution digital slides, ensuring they are prepared for standard staining, immunostaining, IHC, scanning, and scoring. These processes can be automated or performed with the assistance of our board-certified pathologists.

Cell Based Assays

Your in-vitro needs are covered by our broad range of standard and specialized cell based and molecular assays. Our capabilities allows us to conduct Cytotoxicity assays, High Throughput Cell Screening, 3-Dimensional Cell Culture, Stable Cell Line Generation, and Cell Migration Assays.

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