Process of Protein Production

Protein production, including protein expression services and protein purification, is a biotechnical process of generating large quantities of a specific protein of interest using recombinant DNA technology. Protein production occurs through the transcription and translation of genetic information encoded in DNA, allowing for the use of these proteins in a variety of applications such as research, diagnostics, therapeutics, and industrial processes.

Protein Expression

We offer a wide range of protein expression services that utilize distinct expression systems, which are tailored to meet your specific project requirements. Our expertise extends to mammalian, insect, bacterial, and yeast expression systems, each offering unique advantages and capabilities.

Mammalian Expression

Utilizing Expi293f and ExpiCHO-S suspension cultures allows for the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies at large scale. Our optimized system allows for reproducibility of intracellular, secreted and membrane proteins.

Insect Expression

Large scale production of intercellular, secreted, or membrane proteins using our baculovirus expression systems allows for most of the post-translational modifications of the mammalian expression with higher yields and quicker turnaround times after baculovirus stocks are generated.

Bacteria Expression

Using a variety of E. coli strains, our bacterial expression systems offer reliable and reproducible production and purification of recombinant proteins at bioreactor scale, up to 40 L per batch.

Yeast Expression

High product yield and scale up capacity, yeast offers easy genetic manipulation to produce proteins with desired properties unable to attain through bacterial cells.

Protein Purification

Protein purification refers to the isolation of a target protein from a complex mixture of biological material, the process of purification is essential for structural studies, functional characterization, and therapeutic development, the protein purification process involves the following:

  • Sample Preparation
  • Protein Extraction
  • Optimization and Purification
  • Analysis and Quality Control

Choices of purification method depends on the specific requirements of the target protein, such as its size, charge, affinity for specific molecules, or desired level or purity. Through this highly pure proteins will be obtained, so that further studies can be conducted in order to understand their structure and function.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Our scientists bring decades of experience and a diverse background to solving your problems with our purification and protein expression services. We can consult you on scouting conditions, troubleshooting, downstream application compatibility, and recommend functional assays for your protein.

Through our protein expression services we test a variety of constructs with different tags using different expression conditions and systems in parallel. This allows us to find the most optimal conditions for expression to move into purification.

Besides the standard QC (SDS-PAGE and anSEC on pre- and post- thaw material), we offer binding assays, activity assays, crystallography services, and numerous biophysical assays through our biophysics and structure services that work in conjunction with our protein expression services.

Our in-house purification scouting method is designed to generate optimal conditions for your downstream experiments with the greatest yield and highest purity. We run parallel column scouting on any soluble or refolding prep to give the best information to develop a high-yielding, pure, and applicable purification cascade to facilitate any downstream needs.

Not sure which storage buffer to use? We can run formulation and lyophilization trials to get you the required formulation suitable for your downstream assays.

Your experiments deserve an engaged team that can provide comprehensive protein expression services.

Let us handle your problems and give you the protein you deserve and need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Reach out to our team of scientists and we will answer any questions you might have about our protein expression services!

With our protein expression services the completion of expression and purification scouting along with purification optimization is accomplished within 2 weeks of receiving genes. Scale up depends on the amount of material needed but once a purification cascade is established, productions can be initiated right away.

Upon initiation, our team of experts will review all the conditions with your team. All relevant information such as tags, cleavage sites, buffers, concentrations, yields, etc will be reviewed so we provide exactly what you are looking for.

We can use any information or methods you provide to express and purify protein according to what you would like. Our expression and purification scouting methods are designed to give the highest yielding, most relevant purification schemes but can be passed over based on your own desires.

Yes! We can always add a cleavage site to any construct for tag removal and have standardized procedures for cleavage and endotoxin removal to facilitate your needs.