What is NMR Spectroscopy?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a technique used to study the structure, composition, and dynamics of molecules, based on the principles of NMR, a phenomenon that is exhibited by certain atomic nuclei, when placed in a magnetic field, and exposed to radiofrequency radiation.

NMR spectroscopy involves the placement of a sample containing nuclei with magnetic properties, most commonly hydrogen-1, carbon-13, and others, into a strong magnetic field. Nuclei align with the magnetic field, a radiofrequency pulse is applied, disrupting the alignment, once the radiofrequency pulse is turned off, the nuclei return to their original alignment.

NMR spectroscopy encompasses a wide range of applications, some key aspects of NMR services include:

  • Protein Structure Determination: Determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins, providing an insight into protein function and their interactions with other molecules.
  • Protein Dynamics: Study the dynamic movements of proteins and understand how their flexibility relates to their biological function with our NMR services.
  • Ligand Interaction Studies: NMR services investigate the interactions between proteins or nucleic acids and ligands, aiding in drug discovery, and development.
  • Drug-Target Interactions: NMR spectroscopy can provide crucial information on how drugs interact with their target molecules, which will aid the design on optimization of new drugs.

Our NMR Services Capabilities:

Nuclear Magnetic

High-Throughput FBDD and Binding Studies: Our NMR services include 1H and 19F binding assays (FAXS, STD-NMR, WaterLOGSY), in addition to various 2D correlation experiments such as 1H-1H (COSY, NOESY, ROESY), 1H-15N (SOFAST-HMQC) and 1H-13C (ALSOFAST-HMQC) correlation spectroscopy.

Multiple instruments are equipped with SampleJet robots, allowing for low volume and/or 96 well plate screening formats. Also offered are services for production of isotopically enriched recombinant proteins.

Popular FBDD and Biosimilar NMR Services

Ichor offers all the cutting-edge NMR experiments for Fragment-Based Drug Discovery and Biosimilar Comparability.


FBDD via 19F NMR–Fluorine chemical shift Anisotropy and eXchange for Screening experiments (FAXS)


Fragment Screening via STD-NMR –May also be used for Ligand Mapping and KD determination


A sensitive ligand-observed NMR experiment for detection of interactions between a ligand and a protein; well-established screening technique for FBDD

Distance Calculations

Using Mahalanobis Distance PCE Analysis (1D & 2D) in the Comparison of Biosimilars

2D Correlation Spectroscopy Biosimilars

Application of 2D NMR “Fingerprint” Spectra to Compare Biosimilar mAb Therapeutics

2D Correlation Spectroscopy–Binding Studies

Quantitate protein/ligand binding interactions via N-H Chemical Shift Perturbations (CSPs). Proteins <30 kDa are amenable to the technique

Data Acquisition

Ichor offers various 1D and 2D NMR experiments from everything from small molecules to antibodies and other complex biologics:

Simple 1D experiments are available for everything from small molecule and protein QC to HTS screening (FAXS, STD-NMR, waterLOGSY).

Two dimensional 1H-15N experiments are commonly used for both protein QC (fingerprinting coupled with PCA or Mahalanobis Distance calculations), as well as various protein-protein and protein-ligand binding experiments & titrations.

Available Spectrometers (priority access):

  • 500 MHz (1)
  • 600 MHz (2)
  • 800 MHz (1)

All equipped with triple resonance TCI CryoProbes (1H,13C,15N) for fast, high-quality data collection.

Various multidimensional correlation experiments are also available. Custom pulse sequences can be developed upon request.

Two dimensional 1H-13C experiments are another commonly used technique for fingerprinting and QCing large biomolecules, including antibodies. Ichor offers isotopically enriched recombinant protein expression (2H, 13C, & 15N).

Options to facilitate screening:

  • SampleJet robots (automation)
  • 96-well plate format
  • Low volume (65 µL)
  • Temperature control

Add-On Services to Supply Your Entire Pipeline:

STD-Difference Spectra

Consulting & Data Analysis

For more complex, nuanced, or data intensive projects, NMR specialists are available for hourly consultation.

2D NMR Ligand Titration image

Production of Isotopically Enriched Recombinant Proteins

We offer recombinant protein production with heavy isotope incorporation (2H, 13C, & 15N). Please inquire about discounts for bundling in-house protein production services with our analytical offerings.

Sample1_vs_Sample1 (1)
Sample1_vs_Sample2 (2)

Our NMR projects have fast turnaround times.

NMR studies start within 2 weeks of receipt of materials.