About Our Company

We are dedicated to changing the world because we believe we can.

We build change and drive innovation by ushering clients through preclinical discovery and pharmacology phases, and by continuously publishing our own innovative research in high-impact journals.

Today, Ichor is a vertically integrated contract research organization occupying multiple commercial facilities with complete pre-clinical R&D capabilities in Syracuse, NY.

However, the company’s beginnings were far more modest.

Our Mission and Vision


We are on a mission to help researchers spark the next generation of pharmaceuticals. We do this by driving profound protein discovery, developing robust pharmaceutical datasets, and consulting with clients to ensure lucrative outcomes.


We envision a world where people live long, healthy lives. This is why we persistently study mechanisms of aging and offer expert services to drug R&D scientists.

Learn More About Our Locations and Facilities


Our two facilities are dedicated to different aspects of biotechnological research and development.

Our discovery facility focuses on protein expression using bacterial, insect, and mammalian cell systems and cell-based assays. This facility also specializes in biophysics, x-ray crystallography, and molecular pharmacology, including advanced imaging techniques and histology studies. Our vivarium facility offers in vivo studies on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicology in mice and rats.

Our History

MAY, 2013

Ichor is founded in an apartment living room

Ichor started with a functional living room laboratory complete with a specific-pathogen free vivarium in the apartment’s spare bedroom.


Lysoclear launches

Ichor solved problems preventing development of the macular degeneration enzyme therapy program and acquired all rights.

February, 2017

Ichor acquires Finger Lakes Bio

Ichor acquired Finger Lakes Bio, a boutique protein engineering company.

May, 2018

Auctus launches

Ichor launched Auctus. All the programs were fully funded with new investment rounds

August, 2020

Ichor acquires Woodland

Ichor acquired oncology and metabolic disease CRO, Woodland Biosciences.

July, 2021

Ichor rebrands as Ichor Life Sciences

Ichor Therapeutics rebranded as Ichor Life Sciences to emphasize service offerings.

September, 2022

Ichor leads founding investment in Lento Bio

Lento Bio launches with aim to develop anti-glycation drugs for presbyopia and diseases of aging.

June, 2024

Ichor welcomes Cypris Therapeutics to its portfolio

Cypris Therapeutics launches with aim to develop treatment of therapeutically resistant diseases, including brain and pancreatic cancers.


Ichor Life Sciences' Journey Through Innovation and Partnership in Drug Discovery.

Ichor Life Sciences has grown from a living room lab equipped with advanced scientific equipment to a CRO providing services that cover the entire drug development pipeline, from ideation to in vivo studies. Our work with major pharmaceutical companies on efficacious technologies in relevant animal models highlights our significance in drug discovery and development.

We Work Towards a Vision, Not For a Company

Building a successful company is a consequence of what we do in the pursuit of our vision. We are intrinsically motivated to create positive change in the world, and this philosophy extends to all aspects of company operations.


We Build Our Own Talent

Fundamental to the Ichor culture is an emphasis on professional development. Our team is not only evaluated on what they already know, but also on an ability to obtain new skills, work through diverse challenges, and anticipate and preempt complications within company workflows.

Team members are encouraged to embrace professional development opportunities, and to obtain cross training in areas unrelated to their core competencies.

Our Ichor Portfolio Companies


MitoChem is focused on developing treatments to address the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases


Auctus Biologics, Inc. is developing an orally bioavailable antibody mimetic scaffold called a ribobody.


LentioBio is focused on developing small-molecule therapeutics to target crosslinks that cause tissues to stiffen with age.


Lysoclear, Inc. is developing a recombinant enzyme therapy that targets retinoid derivatives thought to contribute to various eye diseases.

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