Analyte Overlays

Ichor’s ELISA services include reliable execution of commercial kits and custom ELISA assay development for unique projects. We can create tools to address your project needs.

Analyte and Assay Versatility

Our experienced scientists and full-capability instruments can accommodate any ELISA workflow.

Technical Expertise

Accurate ELISA results require precise assay execution. Ichor’s experienced scientists are proficient in meticulous ELISA procedures.

Accurate Results

Meticulous assay execution and highly sensitive instrumentation enable accurate ELISA performance.

Sample Processing

Ichor can process samples for ELISA assays, including routine dilution schemes or complex extraction procedures.

Customizable ELISA Services

Ichor’s ELISA services include standard assay execution and development of custom workflows for unique projects.

When commercial ELISAs do not exist for your analyte of interest, Ichor develops custom ELISAs. Our scientists can evaluate antibody options and optimize assay conditions for reliable ELISA assay development.

Ichor provides full workflow support, including execution of cell culture or animal experiments, sample preparation and processing, ELISA assay execution, and statistical analysis complete with a full report deliverable.

We offer full ELISA services, including standard curve fitting, interpolation of unknown samples, and graphing of results with accompanying statistical analysis using software such as GraphPad Prism.

For complex samples, we can adapt existing protocols or devise new procedures to analyze unique or incompatible specimens. Our team excels at creating custom solutions for difficult challenges.

For custom ELISAs, or when sample compatibility is a concern, we provide assay validation to demonstrate that your ELISA is performing accurately, specifically, and reliably.

Broad Sample Compatibility

Analyte Standard Curve

Ichor’s ELISA services go beyond routine sample analysis, which is often limited to conditioned cell media or serum samples from animal studies. As part of our full-spectrum service offerings, we perform ELISA assay development to accommodate unique sample types. Saliva, urine, mucosal fluids, and humoral fluids can be analyzed by adapted workflows. Our scientists are experienced in optimization and validation of extraction protocols and sample processing, allowing for the quantitation of soluble analytes from broad sample types.

Featured Case Studies / Capabilities

Cytokine Profiling

Characterization of Inflammatory Response


Disease progression can be marked by changes in cytokine and chemokine expression profiles. Characterizing secreted inflammatory markers offers insight into the extent of disease, efficacy of therapeutics, and secondary inflammatory sequelae. Ichor’s ELISA services provide accurate inflammatory cytokine profiling from cell culture or animal studies, adding context to disease models.

Antigen Quantitation

Viral Load Monitoring


ELISAs provide absolute quantitation of soluble antigens.  One application of this method is the determination of serum antigen concentration in viral disease monitoring. For this purpose, ELISAs are often used as clinical diagnostics. Ichor’s ELISA services include both the execution of clinical diagnostic assays, and novel ELISA assay development for research purposes.


Unique Sample Accommodations

Vitreous Humor Analysis


ELISAs can be used to quantitate analytes of interest from a variety of sample types. Most commonly, serum and conditioned cell culture media are analyzed in research settings. Ichor also offers analysis of unique sample types.  These include other collected bodily fluids or in vitro samples.  As part of our full-service research capabilities, we routinely collect samples from animal experiments performed in-house for ELISA analysis.


Superior Quantitation of Soluble Analytes

Ichor’s ELISA services provide unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Ichor’s ELISA services by reading below.

Our end-to-end ELISA services include novel ELISA assay development. Using commercially available antibodies or customer-provided reagents, our scientific team can create a new sandwich ELISA for your analyte of interest.

Ichor can create tailored solutions for challenging projects, including ELISA analysis of atypical samples.  Let us devise custom sample processing or extraction methods as part of our ELISA assay development services.

You will receive raw plate read data and background corrected absorbance values, standard curve analysis, interpolation of unknown concentrations, and graphed data with statistical analysis.

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