From test compound to preclinical data, Ichor Life Sciences is here to help conceptualize, design, execute and analyze your data so you can.

Syngeneic Models

Ichor Life Sciences offers a wide variety of profiled syngeneic mouse models that offer a more approachable method of immunology than typical xenograft modeling.

Orthotopic Models

The process of seeding tumor cell lines into animal models using a relevant environment that mimics the process in humans. Ichor offers a range of tumor histotypes to provide relevant tumor environments for your experiment.

Xenograft Models

Ichor offers a wide variety of cell-line derived (CDX) mouse models to perform in vivo evaluations of targeted therapy, cytotoxic drug analysis, and antibody therapies.

Exclusive Chemotherapy Resistant Models

Chemotherapy resistance limits the use of chemotherapeutic drugs in cancer treatment. Ichor offers a variety of chemoresistant models to test out strategies to overcome these resistant mechanisms.

Customized Model

Ichor’s team of experts can work with your team to create an oncology or immuno-oncology model suited to your needs.

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