Spanning anterior to posterior disease models, we can assist. With over 10-years of experience within the field and the foundation of our business beginning with ophthalmology, our scientific staff is ready and able to assist with developing your product. We will be an extension of your research team providing state-of-the-art instrumentation to produce the best results.


Includes experimental autoimmune uveitis and endotoxin-induced uveitis.


Ask about our rat IOP model and optic nerve crush model.

Retinal Diseases

Wet-AMD, dry-AMD, stargardt’s disease, and our Abca4-/- breeding line.

Corneal Wounds

Custom modeling for corneal endothelial decompensation and Fuchs corneal endothelial dystrophy.


Still in the earliest stages of development? We’ve got you covered with rodent or large animal PK/PD.

Custom Modeling

Don’t see your therapeutic area listed? We’re always advancing our capabilities with a robust intramural program.

Quality Equipment, Quality Results

We use the industry's best instrumentation to acquire the best results for your product development.

We provide you the best image quality for tracking retinal disease progression using SD-OCT. This allows us to produce more accurate retinal thickness measurements and pathogenesis in our models.

Allow us to produce better than publishable image quality fundoscopic images to marvel at. High definition image quality can make the difference in diagnosis and pathogenesis in posterior disease models. Additionally, we can apply the same expertise to capturing anterior segment images.

By using a microinfusion pump and micromanipulator device for rodents we provide accurate and proficient drug delivery at the most efficient scale. Additional advanced techniques are applied to large animals as well. Injections include intravitreal, subretinal, intracameral, suprachoroidal, and topical.

Our staff has over 10-years experience performing complex dissection for all ocular tissues in rodents and large animal species. We also keep out histopathology in-house, meaning you don’t need to sorry about using multiple vendors for the same project. From flat-mounts to whole eye collections we provide H&E, IHC, and IF processing as well as flow cytometry, ELISA, western-blot, and mass spectrometry. We are your one stop shop.

Restoring or preventing loss of function is paramount for our patients. Allow us to capture the purest quality ERGs so you don’t have to second guess results to keep advancing your product.

Our advanced capabilities and expertise provide clear and consistent fluorescent angiograms that eliminates the possibility for compromising variables. Our expertise with this instrumentation also includes fundus autofluorescence

IOP measurements can have a multitude of external impacts that can lead to false readings. Not at Ichor. Our robust positive reinforcement training with animals ensures they are as stress free as possible to give you the highest quality results with no second guessing.

Your Results Await

results await

Together we can restore vision, together we can restore life

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