EAU model

With high throughput, we can tackle uveitis together on our path to preventing blindness. Our EAU model immunizes with IRBP and CFA and our EIU model using a lipopolysaccharide inject intravitreally, which avoids systemic effects.

EIU also includes cytokine and chemokine analysis using ELISA. Both EAU and EIU include histopathology conducted in-house and with a board-certified pathologist.

Anterior Segment Imaging

Using the MICRON ® IV, anterior segments capture progression of disease and provides in-life disease scoring.

Microinfusion Injection Delivery

Confirmation fundus images of each injection procedure that ensures proper delivery of treatment.

Topical Drug Delivery

Our staff is the most proficient and accurate staff to delivery treatments topically.

Histology Services

Both EAU and EIU use H&E staining with our state-of-the-art histology lab which keeps your study in-house.

Inflammatory cytokine & chemokine analysis

Aqueous humor samples are collected at the conclusion of the study to test for inflammatory markers.

Available Uveitis Models

Available Uveitis Models-image

Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis in Lewis Rats

Our efficacy model utilizes immunization with IRBP+CFA for disease induction with a validated positive control. Animals undergo in-life clinical assessments in order to grade disease progression. Upon conclusion of the study whole eyes are assessed with H&E staining for a direct comparison against the clinical grades for validity. Additionally, aqueous humor and/or vitreous humor can be collected for inflammatory marker analysis.

Uveitis-Eye-2 (1)

Endotoxin-induced Uveitis in Lewis Rats

Our unique model delivers LPS by IVT injections unlike other models that use systemic approaches. This refined approach not only puts forward better results but also avoids unintended adverse effects seen from systemic injections. Like EAU, whole eyes are collected for H&E analysis to compare against the in-life clinical scores, and aqueous humor and vitreous humor can be collected for inflammatory marker analysis.

Together we can restore vision

Together we can restore life.

Results From Uveitis Models

Reproducible results

By utilizing the MICRON ® IV for anterior segment imaging, we can grade in-life

We’re focused on providing you the best results possible and that includes taking advances model development

All capabilities in-house

This graph shows the ability of IRBP+CFA to induce uveitis and FTY-720 suppressing the inflammatory response

Here we show that delivery of LPS is just as effective at disease induction as systemic foot-pad injections.