Lead Optimization Services

Our lead optimization services will provide researchers with an accelerated approach to refine the pool of potential drug candidates. Expediting the process of selecting candidates for in-depth selectivity profiling and subsequent analysis, we can open doors to faster and more informed decision-making in your drug discovery journey.


By employing advanced technologies like computational modelling, medicinal chemistry, and high-throughput screening, our cutting-edge lead optimization will streamline the identification of compounds with the highest potential for success.

Elevating Lead Compounds through Lead Optimization

Lead Optimization Services: Key Aspects

Optimizing Lead Discovery Compounds

PK PD Services

Providing valuable insights into drug-induced behavioral or psychological effects in living organisms, PK PD studies seamlessly incorporate numerous assays to meet your specific requirements and needs.

Toxicology Studies

With a focus on in vivo toxicity testing, small molecule, biologics, and cell-therapy programs, we offer a range of toxicology studies and services to support drug development.

In Vivo Disease Models

Advance and accelerate preclinical research with our in vivo disease models, including oncology, ophthalmology, NASH, and geriatric models.

Histology Services

As part of our lead optimization support, histology provides insights into the effects of lead compounds on biological systems, which will aid the refinement of drug candidates for optimal pharmacological properties.

Cell-Based Assays

Cell-based assays provide a comprehensive understanding of how lead compounds interact with living cells, understand their efficacy, selectivity, and potential therapeutic impact.

Our Biophysical Assays in Lead Optimization Services

Surface Plasmon Resonance Services (SPR)

SPR is an optical technique that monitors interactions between biomolecules, providing information on binding kinetics, affinity, and specificity of molecular interactions, a pivotal technique in our lead optimization.

Bio-Layer Interferometry Services (BLI)

The high-throughput kinetic screening technique, BLI, measures the biomolecular interactions of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids in complex matrices.

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)

ITC provides quantitative information on the thermodynamics of molecular interactions. Examining the binding affinity, stoichiometry, profile of lead compounds and interactions with target biomolecules.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Services (NMR)

Our NMR services investigate the structural characteristics, interactions, dynamic behaviour of molecules, which will reveal the three-dimensional structure of molecules, driving the refinement of lead compounds.

Lead Optimization Services Tailored to You

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Unlock faster decision-making and enhance drug-like properties with our lead optimization services.

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