Life Sciences Consulting Services

Unlock your lab’s full potential with the help of consultants who have been in your shoes. Drawing from our own experience of building and expanding our facilities, we’ve created life science consulting services to help you improve your animal research capabilities and fine-tune your laboratory operations.

Animal Research Consulting

Whether you need help setting up your vivarium to meet regulatory compliance standards or want to make sure you’ve got the best study design possible, our life science consulting experts can guide you through the process.

Laboratory Operations Consulting

Optimize your research capabilities with our tailored CRO consulting services. We provide customized guidance on maximizing your lab's efficiency, safety, and compliance by streamlining processes, equipment maintenance, and staff training.

What are your biggest lab expansion hurdles?

Devote more time to your research by delegating operations tasks to trusted experts who know how it’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re different from other CROs, which tends to lead to a lot of questions. Here are the answers to some common ones related to our life sciences consulting services.