Ichor offers a variety of kit-based or custom plate-based assay services—pretty much any assay that can be run on a standard 96- or 384-well plate in absorbance, fluorescence, or chemiluminescent read modes.  

Plate-Based Assay Services

Turnkey assay development and screening



Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a commonly used analytical biochemistry assay. The technique is often used for detection and quantification of a desired analyte (e.g. protein/antigen) in biological samples. Kits are often commercially available, but Ichor can also develop assays de novo. ELISA is very sensitive, with a functional range of pg/mL–ng/mL. 


Fluorescence Polarization (FP)

Fluorescence Polarization (FP) is a homogeneous, steady-state, solution-based assay involving a single fluorescently labeled binding partner that is used for the determination of the thermodynamic dissociation constant (KD). The technique is highly amenable to plate-based high-throughput library screening and hit discovery campaigns. Functional range: 1 nM to 1 mM. 


Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer (TR-FRET)

Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer (TR-FRET) is a highly sensitive and robust drug discovery assay involving fluorescently labeled donor and acceptor proteins that is used to determine both thermodynamic and kinetic parameters. Functional range: 1 pM to 1 mM. 

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Thermal Shift Assays / Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF)

Protein thermal shift assays are a technique used to measure the melting point (Tm) of a protein, which is the temperature at which there is 50% denaturation. Thermal shift assays are useful for evaluating protein quality and buffer stability, as well as identifying (de)stabilizing mutations or small molecule binders. The technique also lends itself to high-throughput ligand screening. Requires <1 µg of sample per well. 


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Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3x

We offer assay development on two molecular devices SpectraMax i3x temperature-controlled plate readers that can handle 96- and 384-well plates in absorbance, fluorescence, or chemiluminescent read modes. 

  • One i3 module is equipped with an automated StakMax plate hopper for automated library screening campaigns. 
  • A separate i3 module is equipped with a MiniMax 300 Imaging Cytometer 

Thermo QuantStudio 3 qPCR

We offer assay development on a Thermo QuantStudio 3 qPCR capable of performing thermal melt assays. 


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Kinetics of the multitasking high-affinity Win binding site of WDR5 in restricted and unrestricted conditions


RPtag as an Orally Bioavailable, Hyperstable Epitope Tag and Generalizable Protein Binding Scaffold


High-Throughput Screening of Protein-Detergent Complexes Using Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy

  • Development & deployment of new protein-based tools
  • Problem agnostic approaches
  • Solution-based high-throughput screening & affinity determination
  • Capability to run 50 × 384 well plates per day!


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“Ichor helped us develop a custom binding assay that was critical for selection and optimization of our lead molecule. Throughout the process, the Ichor team was highly collaborative and flexible and provided high quality data in a timely manner”

– Ankyra Therapeutics

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