We offer a wide array of mammalian models and assays to test the efficacy of novel therapeutics agents and make advances in human health. Our models are easily customizable, giving our clients the flexibility to explore their interests.

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Geriatric Models

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Models of Geriatric Phenotyping

Aged Wound Healing

Wound Healing Graph

C57BL/6J mice are the most used inbred strain for a wide variety of research areas. Using aged C57BL/6J mice, we have established a wound healing model to study the phenotypes of aging and efficacy of novel wound healing therapeutics.

Life Span Studies


C57BL/6J Life Span

C57BL/6J mice are the most widely adopted mice for research and have many characteristics that make them desirable for aging models, such as their low susceptibly to tumors.
We have characterized the aging of these mice and generated Kaplan- Meier survival curves to determine the viability of experimental drugs.

lifespan kaplan

CB6F1 Life Span

CB6F1 mice are a hybrid cross between a C57BL/6J female and a 129S1?SvlmJ male. The cross between these two inbred strains produces mice that are better adjusted to survive under stress and disease due to hybrid vigor.
We have characterized the survival of CB6F1 mice for their use in lifespan studies to examine the efficacy of preclinical therapeutics.


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