We provide you with the most accurate IOP measurements and drug delivery. Our model includes a training program to acclimate the animals to take IOP measurements without the need of anesthetics that are known to introduce variables into your results. Our stress free animals provide optimal results. Need additional tissue collections? We also include aqueous humor collections for rodents and large animals.

Tonometer Measurements

For rodents we conduct our studies using the Tonolab®, and for large animals the Tonovet®

Topical Dosing Techniques

Included with the PRT is acclimation to topical dosing.

Intraocular drug delivery

If necessary, intracameral injections are available for rodents and large animals.

IOP Results


ROCK Inhibitors available as a positive control

Through our validation process we investigated the IOP lowering effects with ROCK inhibitors should you need a positive control comparator. Prior to enrollment we include validation tests of our controls before dosing is initiated.

IOP-results-2 (2)

Latanoprost available as positive control for rats

We include a clinical comparator as our positive control for our standard rat IOP model. Like the ROCK inhibitor model, a validation test is included prior to study initiation to ensure your results will be as accurate as possible.

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Why do we include PRT?

Stress and the use of anesthetics can have negative impacts on the intraocular pressure. Animals go through a training program to be as comfortable as possible.