B16-F10 A Model of Mouse Melanoma

B16-F10 is a well-documented immortal mouse melanoma cell line developed from the tenth passage of a B16 melanoma isolated from a C57BL/6 mouse.

Fast Growing Tumors

Our model reflects late-stage tumorigenesis, with mean tumor burden in experimental controls reaching euthanasia criteria within twenty-five days of inoculation.

Fully Characterized Model

This model can be used in orthotopic (flank) models for primary tumors or for lung metastases models when injected intravenously.

B16-F10 Melanoma Cells

B16 parental cells were originally isolated from a spontaneous tumor on the skin of a C57BL6 mouse well suited for metastatic disease studies.

Following isolation of the parental cells, passage in vivo led to the development of sub-cell lines with distinct metastatic properties. B16-F10 is highly metastatic and the cells exhibit both spindle-shaped and epithelial-like cell morphology in culture.

B16-F10 are suitable for use in both syngeneic and immunocompromised models. Depending on the route of administration, studies can be designed to analyze primary tumors and/or secondary lung metastases.

This model demonstrates proper tumor regression following standard of care in melanoma oncotherapy.

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