The Friedman model produces a robust NASH phenotype through the combination of dietary and chemical insults. A Western Diet, high in fat, fructose, and cholesterol is accelerated by the addition of low dose CCl4 to produce fibrosis with progression to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The model provides an ideal tool for the efficacy assessment of therapeutic compounds to treat NASH.

Save Time Over Diet-Only Models

Diet-only NAFLD/NASH models may take up to one full year to develop. The Friedman model greatly accelerates the time to meaningful results.

Highly Translatable

The molecular, histological, and immunological characteristics produced by the Friedman model are closely aligned with those observed in human disease.

Reliable Progression to HCC

In a highly reproducible manner, the NASH phenotype will culminate in HCC given sufficient duration (~24 weeks) on HFD and CCl4.

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