Scientific excellence is a pillar of Ichor. We frequently publish our work in peer-reviewed research journals.

As a member of the aging research community, we welcome opportunities to leverage our expertise and capabilities to support other programs in academia and industry.

A rare human centenarian variant of SIRT6 enhances genome stability and interaction with Lamin A. (2022)

Simon, M.; Yang, J.; Gigas, J.; Earley, E.; Hillpot, E.; Zhang, L.; Zagorulya, M.; Tombline, G.; Gilbert, M.; Yuen, S.L.; Pope, A.; Van Meter, M.; Emmrich, S.; Firsanov, D.; Athreya, A.; Biashad, S. A..; Han, J.; Ryu, S.; Tare, A.; Zhu, Y.; Hudgins, A.; Atzmon, G.; Barzilai, N.; Wolfe, A.; Moody, K.; Garcia, B. A.; Thomas, D. D.; Robbins, P. D.; Vijg, J.; Seluanov, A.; Suh, Y.; Gorbunova, V.

Disentangling the recognition complexity of a protein hub using a nanopore. (2022)

LA Mayse, A Imran, MG Larimi, MS Cosgrove, AJ Wolfe, L Movileanu

Fluorescence-based detection of ferrous iron in senescent cells. (2021)

Kyle Parella, Charles Manhardt, Danny Capucilli, Brandon Moyer, Hanna Colegrove, Kelsey Moody, Meegan Sleeper, Andrew Banas, Abdelhadi Rebbaa, Aaron Wolfe.

Kinetics of the Multitasking High-Affinity Win Binding Site of WDR5 in Restricted and Unrestricted Conditions. (2021)

Imran, A.; Moyer, B. S.; Canning, A. J.; Kalina, D.; Duncan, T. M.; Moody, K. J.; Wolfe, A. J.; Cosgrove, M. S.; Movileanu, L.

C60 in Olive Oil Causes Light-Dependent Toxicity and Does Not Extend Lifespan in Mice. (2020)

Grohn, K. J.; Moyer, B. S.; Wortel, D. C.; Fisher, C. M.; Lumen, E.; Bianchi, A. H.; Kelly, K.; Campbell, P. S.; Hagrman, D. E.; Bagg, R. G.; Clement, J.; Wolfe, A. J.; Basso, A.; Nicoletti, C.; Lai, G.; Provinciali, M.; Malavolta, M.; Moody, K. J.

Fenretinide Binding to the Lysosomal Protein Saposin D Alters Ceramide Solubilization and Hydrolysis. (2020)

Milliken, B. T.; Melegari, L.; Smith, G. L.; Grohn, K.; Wolfe, A. J.; Moody, K.; Bou-Abdallah, F.; Doyle, R. P.

SIRT6 Is Responsible for More Efficient DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Long-Lived Species. (2019)

Tian X, Firsanov D, Zhang Z, Cheng Y, Luo L, Tombline G, Tan R, Simon M, Henderson S, Steffan J, Goldfarb A, Tam J, Zheng K, Cornwell A, Johnson A, Yang JN, Mao Z, Manta B, Dang W, Zhang Z, Vijg J, Wolfe A, Moody K, Kennedy BK, Bohmann D, Gladyshev VN, Seluanov A, Gorbunova V.

Recombinant Manganese Peroxidase Reduces A2E Burden in Age-Related and Stargardt's Macular Degeneration Models. (2018)

Moody KJ, Tinklepaugh J, Obert E, Grohn K, DeRosa JR, Lumen E, Moyer BS, Campbell S, Wolfe AJ, Sleeper MB, Bianchi AH, Fisher C, Applegate J, Leary E, LeClair N, Wortel D, Doyle RP, Rohrer B, Blanden AR.

RPtag as an Orally Bioavailable, Hyperstable Epitope Tag and Generalizable Protein Binding Scaffold. (2018)

DeRosa JR, Moyer BS, Lumen E, Wolfe AJ, Sleeper MB, Bianchi AH, Crawford A, McGuigan C, Wortel D, Fisher C, Moody KJ, Blanden AR.

Saposin B Binds the Lipofuscin Bisretinoid A2E and Prevents its Enzymatic and Photooxidation. (2017)

Tinklepaugh J, Smith BM, Nie Y, Moody K, Grohn K, Bou-Abdallah F, Doyle RP.

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