Clarkson University Features Professor Aaron Wolfe for Publication in Leukemia Diagnostics ​

In a post from Clarkson University, Ichor CSO Aaron Wolfe is featured for his recent publication in Nature Communications on WDR5 protein nanopore technology that has applications in diagnostics. 

Dr. Wolfe is quoted in the post saying “The outcomes of this research demonstrate the feasibility of single-molecule detection of protein analytes in a modular way..his research clearly allows us to envision a tool at the forefront of protein-based diagnostics for cancers and other diseases. We at Ichor feel that this collaboration is a strong testament to what is possible when the barriers of academic and industrial sciences are reduced”

Clarkson University responded in their news release: “The paper is currently in the 99th percentile (ranked first) of nine tracked articles published at the same time in Nature Communications.” 

Ichor Life Sciences is an industry partner with Clarkson University and has built facilities at the university to establish a biotechnology cluster in North Country in recent years. 

The full news release can be found here: