Pharmacology Services

In Vitro Testing

We provide expansive in vitro testing capabilities at small or large scale.


We offer comprehensive pre-clinical histology services.


We measure compound exposure in different compartments.

In Vivo Toxicology

We perform non-GLP toxicology studies in small or large animal.​

In Vivo Efficacy

We offer standard models and specialize in developing new ones.

By Therapeutic Area

We have deep expertise in oncology, metabolic disease, and geriatrics.




Our AAALAC accredited vivarium was newly renovated in 2020. All rodents are housed on externally ventilated HEPA filtered individually ventilated cage (IVC) systems. Our facilities feature a dedicated small animal surgical suite, a dedicated necropsy room, and three procedure rooms. Large animal housing is also available, and features a dedicated large animal surgical suite.


Our facilities include in vivo imaging, x-ray irradiation, complete surgical capabilities, metabolic caging systems, and equipment for behavioral and functional assessments.

Analytical capabilities include a histology core, hematological analysis, flow cytometry, and mass spectrometry.