Utilizing the advanced Phoenix MICRON® IV Laser guided system, our team is capable of accurate and repeated laser photocoagulation burns at the Bruch’s membrane. Additionally, we have enhanced drug delivery capabilities that allow us to directly compare targeted tissues and advance efficacy.

Optical Coherence Tomography

High quality retinal scanning using the Lecia® SD-OCT allows for accurate lesion volume measurements.

Fluorescein Angiography

High-definition image capture of FA after laser induction allows us to measure leakage area and intensity.

Microinfusion Injection Delivery

Confirmation fundus images of each injection procedure that ensures proper delivery of treatment.

Histology Services

State-of-the-art histology lab keeps your study in-house.

Your lab down the hall.

Together we can restore vision, together we can restore life.

CNV Modeling

Endpoint Data Collection

Using the SD-OCT we capture retinal cross section scans for real time lesion volume measurements

In order to assess the area of leakage we use fluorescein angiography to measure both area and intensity

Onboarding results


We take in-life weekly volumetric measurements at each lesion location

CNV Modeling

Our technique uses IV injections for fluorescein angiography to provide the highest quality angiograms and consistency in fluorescent intensities