Ichor Life Sciences Expands Ichor Clinical to Australia, Europe, and UK

January 24, 2024


LAFAYETTE, NY – January 24, 2024 – Ichor Life Sciences, a full-service, end-to-end contract research organization (CRO) and longevity biotechnology company, has set the stage for an exciting global advance in clinical trial services. Today, the company announced the expansion of Ichor Clinical’s services to Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom.


Pioneering a forward-thinking approach to enhance accessibility to international research and strategy, Ichor Life Sciences is ensuring that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have access to a world of possibilities. Lisa Sonneborn, MA, LMHC, President of Ichor Clinical, stated, “Our mission is to act as a global catalyst, offering personalized global clinical trial services, strategy, and regulatory guidance to life sciences companies of all sizes, including small and medium-sized companies that require a superior level of service.”


Establishing collaborative processes and service offerings with concierge and boutique CROs in Australia, the UK, and Ireland, Ichor Clinical brings an array of innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Their services include trial design and startup, clinical trial site selection, recruitment planning and strategy, monitoring, data management and statistics, regulatory support, and trial close out. Ichor Clinical is growing an alliance of CROs with geographic expertise and varying cultural perspectives for clients seeking the opportunity to bring global strategy and trial execution to their asset pipeline.


Dr. Tina Soulis, PhD, Founder and Director of Alithia Life Sciences, a full-service capability Australian CRO, emphasizes a unique strategic advantage for clients. Dr. Soulis said, “CROs that grasp the financial and operational benefits of early-stage clinical data in strategically selected countries can provide a distinct financial benefit to their clients, while also allowing for a seamless transition from early phase trials in Australia to later phase trials in the U.S.”


The collaboration is spearheaded by a seasoned team with leadership experience spanning every facet of the clinical trial pipeline. Dr. Nicola Wall, PhD, Founder and CEO of Afortiori Development, a full-service CRO based in Ireland and the UK, underscored the commitment to excellence, stating, “Our international strategy ensures bespoke, high-quality services for clinical trials, transcending geographical boundaries and navigating local regulatory and clinical landscapes. We are dedicated to maintaining consistently high standards globally, contributing effectively to the forefront of medical research advancements.”


Ichor Life Sciences is committed to innovation and paving the way for global collaboration in medical research and specifically in clinical trials. The addition of international services further solidifies its dedication to excellence and high-quality outcomes for valued customers regardless of their trial experience or resources.


About Ichor Life Sciences

Ichor Life Sciences is a full-service, end-to-end contract research organization (CRO) and longevity biotechnology company. Founded in 2013 in Upstate New York, Ichor’s CRO services help biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies solve their most difficult challenges—from preclinical studies to late-stage clinical trials and FDA approval—using a personalized approach that puts relationships and science first.


As a longevity biotechnology company, Ichor aims to help people live longer, healthier lives by developing therapies with the potential to treat age-related diseases. It is the first and oldest longevity-focused venture studio, as well as home to the oldest industry PhD program for drug discovery for longevity. By bringing together its expertise in drug development and as a CRO within its venture portfolio, Ichor is developing promising treatments that have the potential to transform how we age and address unmet needs in the process.


With its breadth of expertise, Ichor is pioneering the longevity and anti-aging biotechnology industry while empowering CRO clients to rapidly advance their research and development programs. To learn more, please visit https://ichorlifesciences.com/ and follow Ichor Life Sciences on LinkedIn.