Ichor Life Sciences Collaborates with Department of Physics at Syracuse University to Publish Peer-Reviewed Paper on WDR5

Ichor Life Sciences (formerly Ichor Therapeutics), a premium pre-clinical contract research organization offering services in discovery through pharmacology, announces the publication of a peer-reviewed paper, “Kinetics of the multitasking high-affinity Win binding site of WDR5 in restricted and unrestricted conditions,” in a recent issue of Biochemical Journal. The paper was co-authored by researchers at Ichor Life Sciences and faculty from the Department of Physics at Syracuse University.

The WD40 repeat protein 5 (WDR5) gene is a major drug target for cancer treatment as inhibition of WDR5 can kill cancer cells. At the same time, WDR5 plays a role in healthy cell function and participates in the formation of numerous protein complexes. The Ichor Therapeutics-Syracuse University team studied how WDR5 interacts with a specific protein called SET1.

            “This work will accelerate drug development because researchers will know how WDR5 interacts with different binding partners and can therefore intelligently design drugs to disrupt those interactions,” said Dr. Kelsey Moody, PhD, MBA, chief executive officer, Ichor Life Sciences. “This project with Syracuse university reflects the scientific prowess that our team brings to collaborative research designed to advance the development of treatments for a range of diseases.”


    The paper’s co-authors from Ichor Life Sciences include Dr. Moody; Dr. Aaron Wolfe, Ph.D., chief science officer; and Dr. Brandon S. Boyer, Ph.D., senior research scientist.