Lento Bio, Inc. Appoints Two Ichor Life Sciences Executives as a Member of the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisors

Potsdam, N.Y. – Lento Bio, Inc., a preclinical pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics to target molecular damage driving age-related disease, announced today it appointed Dr. Kelsey Moody, PhD, MBA, CEO, and founder of Ichor Life Sciences as a member of its board of directors. Lento Bio also appointed Dr. Moody and Dr. Aaron Wolfe, PhD and chief science officer of Ichor Life Sciences, as scientific advisors.

Lentio Bio was launched early this year. The company is focusing initially on developing pharmaceutical eyedrops to treat a common vision disorder, presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness.

Dr. Moody brings deep expertise in Lento Bio’s two primary areas of research, ophthalmology drug development and aging biology. Through his work with Lysoclear, an Ichor Life Sciences portfolio company, Dr. Moody also has experience developing therapies to treat age-related macular degeneration and Stargardt’s disease, which collectively affect over 200 million people across the globe. Dr. Moody also brings to Lento Bio a strong background in managing and building a start-up company.

Dr. Wolfe is an expert in the field of aging mechanisms and establishing “hit-to-lead” workflows, taking molecules that work and iterating them into drug candidates.

“Dr. Moody and Dr. Wolfe bring specialized expertise that will expand and enhance Lento Bio’s capabilities,” said Dr. Kris Barnes, PhD, CEO and founder of Lento Bio. “Dr. Moody and Dr. Wolfe bring the type of invaluable experience that we seek from outside professionals who will help us achieve our scientific and business goals.”

“I’m excited to join the board of directors and serve as a scientific advisor for such an innovative company,” said Dr. Moody. “Working in tandem with Dr. Wolfe, we will collaborate to  support new scientific developments and the overall growth for Lento Bio.”