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In Vivo Efficacy Services

  • In Vivo Efficacy Services in Oncology, Metabolic Diseases, Ophthalmology, and Geriatrics
  • Wide range of Cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) and syngeneic models.
  • Acute and Longer-term NASH models.
  • Custom model development with special expertise in surgical models.
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Frequently Asked In Vivo Efficacy Services Questions

We offer models in oncology (syngeneic, CDX and selected PDX models), metabolic diseases (NASH, diabetes, obesity), ophthalmology (macular degeneration and custom models), wound healing and geriatric models.

We can handle all drug modalities and also cellular therapies.

We have capabilities to handle all the usual routes of administration , SC, IV, IP, IM, and can also perform retino-orbital and tail vein injections.

Most of our efficacy studies are done in rodents (rats and mice). However, we have the capabilities and licenses to work on larger species such as rabbits, canines and mini-pigs.

This would depend on the queue at that time but we typically are able to start studies within 4-5 weeks for most studies.

In Vivo Efficacy Services


Our expertise includes many models covering various cancer types and we can do studies in syngeneic and CDX models. We also do customized models and have selected PDX models.

Metabolic disease

We cover models in NASH (both acute and chronic), obesity and diabetes.


We have special expertise in handling aged animals, senescent models, and can perform lifespan studies to study the impact of treatments over longer periods of time.

Wound healing

We can work on many types of wound models and have special expertise in diabetic wound healing.


We have models in macular degeneration in aged animals and can work on many other custom models.

Available In Vivo Toxicology Services With Custom Model Development

We offer general toxicology services to support small molecule, biologic, and cell-therapy programs. Additionally, we offer specialized ocular toxicology services which include tonometry (IOP) and electroretinography (ERG) capabilities in rodent and rabbit.

Need higher throughput? Our liquid handling robots and plate hoppers support high throughput screening for any project size.

Genetic Models

We can work on a variety of genetic animal models for various diseases and along with selected partners like JAX, we can help in the design new customized genetic models, e.g. CRISPR based models

Surgical Models

Our deep expertise in surgical skills enables us to develop surgical models of diseases such as orthotopic cancer models, special ligation in nervous, gastric and hepatic systems. This facilitates the generation of more translational models.

Models Based On Drug Mechanism Of Action

We can create custom models based on the specific mechanism of action. Please contact is with more information to explore if we can support your needs.

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In Vivo Efficacy

Our in vivo efficacy modeling capabilities span numerous therapeutic areas, including oncology, metabolic disease, geriatrics, ophthalmology, musculoskeletal disease, and regenerative medicine.

In addition to our standardized model offerings, we specialize in new model development and characterization.

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Step 3: Project Management

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In Vivo Efficacy slots are filing up fast.

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