News Release

May 11, 2018


Philadelphis, Pa. and LaFayette, N.Y. — Today, Ship of Theseus, LLC, a bioengineering company that focuses on stem cell therapies for aging and age-associated disease, announces the initiation of a murine lifespan study to be conducted at Ichor Life Sciences, (formerly Ichor Therapeutics). This work will inform new targets for therapeutic intervention in aging.

Ship of Theseus was founded to drastically extend the lifespans of our loved ones alive today. To meet our clinical deadlines, we invest intensively in validation of not only our specific technologies, but also our overarching paradigms, with robust and thorough studies.  Our lifespan work with Ichor exemplifies this dedication and our mutual commitment to scientific rigor and agility make us ideal partners.

– Jeremy Elser, Ph.D, CEO Ship of Theseus LLC

Supplementing age-diminished bone marrow is known to extend lifespan in rodents. Translation to humans, however, has been precluded by immune rejection of allogeneic grafts while the alternative approach of cultured autologous bone marrow cell therapy is infeasible at scale.

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are a self-renewing adult stem cells that gives rise to all forms of bone marrow cells, and thus immune and blood cells, within the body. Over time, aging of HSCs and their environmental niche leads to a loss of function in the blood, particularly the immune system. The age-weakened immune system is less able to perform cancer immunosurveillance, eliminate biochemical waste molecules and plaques, and respond to vaccines and pathogenic threats.

Under a contract research agreement with Ichor Therapeutics, Ship of Theseus will conduct a series of projects examining the effects of HSC treatment on aging, including a large lifespan study. This work will inform future efforts by Ship of Theseus to develop stem cell therapies that restore blood to youthful function.

Ship of Theseus is making an aggressive play on HSC augmentation to target aging processes. Significant advances in the fields of stem cell reprogramming and HSC expansion could pave the way for new treatment modalities. This research will help clarify the utility of such an approach for longevity.

– Kelsey Moody, CEO at Ichor Life Sciences, Inc.


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